Reasons Why Day Light Saving Should Be Abolished

Daylight saving is the process of adjusting the clock during summer time to extend the evenings daytime. This only happens in countries along the longitudes.This is because there are seasons where they have longer nights and vice versa. Countries that are along the equator their nights and days are equal. Daylight saving was first practiced in the first world war to provide soldiers with lighting to avoid the use of artificial light. The practice has been practiced until to date, in some countries. This countries adjust their clocks one hour ahead or backward of the other clocks.

There has been so many petitions that have been raised on abolishing daylight saving. Many people claim that daylight saving is irrelevant. Studies that have been done have proven that daylight saving does not save energy at all. In fact it has been proven to increase the amount of energy that is spent. This is because the practice creates a lot of confusion among people. The human mind operates in the way it is used to. Adjusting the clock would change anything, people still begin their day in the dark and therefore use energy.

One of the reasons why daylight saving was extended was to reduce fuel consumption.  They argued that people would reduce their travel time when it dark. This has not changed anything. Fuel consumption is still the same. Daylight saving has caused an increase in road accidents. Good sleep is good to freshen the brain. Adjusting the clock one hour ahead will make people lose their sleep and therefore leading to reckless driving.

As mentioned earlier sleep is an essential for good productivity. People cannot work 24 hours a day they need enough time to rest. These adjustment has brought about reluctant at work. Many people are not productive because they go to work to sleep. This is not a good sign to the economy. Apart from the low productions, lack of sleep is accompanied by various health risks. E.g., heart attack, etc. You can click here for more reasons why we should End Daylight Saving Time.

The daylight saving has made people become workaholics that they hardly have time to relax. There is a lot to life more than just working.  People need to go out sometimes and have fun and also bond with their families. Generally, daylight saving only causes a lot of confusion. People are adapted to one routine, therefore, changing their routine will just cause them a lot of trouble.  And after all the modern world is already a 24-hour economy, people are used to working 18 hours a day without the light. Read more here about daylight saving time:

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